The Center for Economic Development and Business Research’s Kansas Information Database (KID) is a set of data containing economically pertinent news articles and information from local and national newspapers. Kansas Information Database (KID) helps stay current on events impacting the economic and business environments in the state of Kansas and the Midwest region. The database is also utilized to create reports by key players in the area’s economic growth and development, such as the Wichita Area Chamber of Commerce or the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition and other essential partners.

Through weekly and monthly reports, Kansas Information Database KID delivers information and news on companies, industries, and sectors in the Midwest, particularly the state. Current KID subscribers receive reports on:

  • the Wichita metropolitan area (weekly)

  • other metropolitan areas in Kansas, for example, Kansas City, Lawrence, and Topeka (monthly).

Each of these reports includes information on new business, expansion, and relocation, as well as bankruptcy, closings, layoffs, economic analysis, economic development, tax policy, finance, legal issues, business development, reorganization, education, union activity, acquisition, hiring, renovation, international activity, conventions, and workforce training.